USB Boot

Openfiler and CentOS

Openfiler usb boot

1. Plug usb stick in usb port – minimal 1 GB for the capacity
2. Boot up from cdrom and type “linux expert” at the prompt and hit enter
3. Remove all partition on USB and just creat “/” with Ext2, and click “fill up maximum….” (No.3)
4. Follow the instruction and wait for the installation until it finish.
5. Once the installation has finished, boot up from cdrom again and type “linux rescue” at the prompt and hit enter, it will lead you to “bash#” prompt.
6. Mount usb to /mnt/source: mount /dev/[usb drive] /mnt/source. usb drive could be sda1, sda2. you can check it with fdisk -l command.
7. Make /mnt/source as root: chroot /mnt/source
8. Go to /boot directory of usb : cd /boot and hit enter
9. Rename (mv) or remove (rm ?rf) initrd-[kernel version / uname ?r]
10. Make new booting file with USB-storage: mkinitrd ?with-usb ?preload=ehci-hcd ?preload=usb-storage -preload=scsi_mod ?preload=sd_mod /boot/usbinitrd [uname ?r / kernel version], or you can
see the version at /lib/module/[kernel version]
11. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst : vi /boot/grub/menu.lst and hit ?Enter?
12. Change ?initrd /boot/initrd?..img? to ?initrd /boot/usbinitrd?
13. Reboot Openfiler and make sure to enable USB First Boot on BIOS System
14. Done

For CentOS : Install CentOS on USB is exactly the same like when you install it on Hard

Good luck

Hans Hallan